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Keep Your Teamwork and Communications Really Organised

Smartag brings all the tools you need together in a single place. File sharing, Task Management, Instant Chat, Video.
Working together can only get more effective.

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Keep track of everything

Smartag does not just allow you to assign and monitor projects, even more, all messages, files and
web resources exchanged within a project are kept within the project so next time you
need to refer to a chat, a file or a web-link, you only need to go to the project.

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Not just projects
Share everything with your team

Found anything interesting online? Creating content with a team? Found some resources
on the internet and you need your team to talk about it? Simply create a new
channel and share with the team, get the discussion going easily!

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Share and save files to dropbox, but we still sync, it with relevant projects so you
never have to search for them.
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How do you like your chat?

While you can have a personal chat with your teammates, you can make it more
fun by creating discussion channels with selected teammates for a group chat.
Business or just fun, we never judge, you can even share files and links with the group.
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